Alviso Marina Park is one of the best bayside parks located in Alviso, California. People visit this park for their favorite hiking, biking, bird watching activities. There are longer trails around this park that offer beautiful views of the mountains surrounding the bay and a great wildlife. This park is very close to cities in south bay but still retains it’s natural beauty. For photographers especially there are wide varieties of options to shoot. Lovely place to find great views. It’s rare to find places like this around the Silicon Valley. This was very close to my ex-office. I used to visit here at least not less than 2-3 times a week. I have to admit the fact that I learnt a lot from this place. If my landscape photography is noticeable, it is due to effort that I put in this place during my early days. I crazily shot all possible views from this place until I leant what really landscape photography was. I must be thankful to this place which helped me to learn and enhance my landscape photography skills by providing every opportunity including great sunsets, trail trails, long exposures, reflections etc. This is one of my most favorite photography places. Every visit I have thoroughly enjoyed and clicked thousands of pictures so far. Some of them are in below gallery. Click, enjoy, comment.

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