Creating monochrome images is an art. Given the fact that we all live in color world, visualizing views in black and white through eyes is not an easy thing. Photographer has to pay attention to pre-visualize lines, shadows, shapes etc of a scene to turn it to a stunning black and white image. Should it be a long exposure shot? high contract? low noise? does it need HDR? all these questions must be answered to himself before composing a shot. He has to decide on location and capture accordingly. Usually, black and white shots love long exposure. Millions of amazing shots are created using long exposure. Photographer can think using this technique wherever appropriate. Another important thing to remember is to capture shots in RAW format versus using monochrome mode directly from camera. That way, photographer has more flexibility to turn them into great monochrome shots later.

In recent days, there are so many options are available to improve black and white photography. Varieties of filters, software tools, in camera noise cancelling techniques and so on. Some of these can be leveraged to give final touch during post processing. But extra care must be taken when processing an image to preserve its originality. Otherwise, it may turn into an awful image. Hopefully, these tips will help. Feel free to browse and enjoy my monochrome galleries below.

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