Mossbrae waterfall shooting trail tips

Must visit if you are in California or Oregon. I was planning to visit this place since I first saw images of this spectacular waterfalls in flickr posted by fellow friends sometime in early 2011. Finally, it was possible for me in summer 2014 when I visited Crater Lake. I stayed in Shasta to make visits to Mossbrae Falls, Burney falls, Siskiyou Lake etc. I tell you, it was worth spending dollars. There are so many beautiful waterfalls around Redding area. All you need is time to visit all those.

Mossbrae Falls is one of the most scenic waterfalls in California. Approximately 50 ft (15 m) in height and150 ft (46 m) wide, the falls are fed by springs, which course down the canyon wall, and into the Sacramento River, creating the effect of many waterfall streams falling into the river.

Mossbrae Falls, Redding

Having said that this scenic spot is not easy to access like other falls. Need to take some risks since the main trail to the falls follows active train tracks and this is where the trouble lies. Someone was hit by an oncoming train recently I read. Also there is no parking near the trail head (trail entrance is shown in Image 1), and if your car is found, it will be ticketed and/or towed. You also can be ticketed for trespassing on the tracks. So it is always good to park your car somewhere far away from this area. What you can do is actually park within the city of Dunsmuir and hide your car there, then take a walk to the railroad through the bridge located up Dunsmuir Ave. What I did was that I crossed this bridge and parked somewhere inside where it cannot be seen by anyone. That area was covered by trees. Once you park your car safely, then start on the path.

Image 01

Image 02

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Now onward until you reach the location, just be careful not to walk on the train track, but there is definitely enough room on the right hand side of the track to walk (as can be seen in image 2). Please use it wherever possible before walk into train tracks. Of course, the trail is filled with gravel stones, so it may be difficult to walk but do not give up. While walking please keep an eye for the trains from both the sides (keep looking back often), because of the nearby river sound, it’s hard to hear the train sound. If little care is taken, then it is nice 30 min walk along the Railroad to reach this falls.

Mossbrae Falls, Redding

The falls is just before the wooden bridge (seen in image 3). Arrow shown in image 3 is an entrance. So don’t miss it. Once you reach the waterfall relax and enjoy! You’ve earned it! The waterfall is breathtaking!. I heard that there will be water flowing always in this falls, because the falls are fed by an internal source and not snowmelt or rain.


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